A Man May Live




A Man May Live
© 2011 Tom D Blakely

A man may live a few short years upon this earthly scene
Why must He turn His back on God and act as if unseen?
God made the world and all its store: all life from great to small
And over all He placed mankind, but sin caused man to fall.

God could not tolerate our sin, but would not see us lost
He drew a plan to rescue man, at such a heavy cost;
For God so loved the world He gave His only Son to die
To take the place of sinful man; of such as you and I.

O sinner look upon the cross; cast Satan from your view
Your sacrifice, the Lamb of God; His blood being shed for you.
Draw nearer still and see His wounds, the nails that pierced Him through
The crown of thorns, His wounded side, and all of this for you!

Do not delay another day, but turn to Jesus now
Believe that He has died for you, then to Him humbly bow;
Repent of sin which has you bound, that drags you down to hell
And seek forgiveness by His blood, that you in heaven might dwell.




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