© 2011 Tom D Blakely

There is a book, I’d like you all to read it.
It is the precious written word that God to us has given.
In it you’ll see, for God himself will show you,
Just who you are and where you stand with him. . . . .

B – I – B – L – E  is a book from heaven,
B – I – B – L – E  is the Word.
B – I – B – L – E  is a book from heaven,
It is the written Word of God.

Inside the book we read about creation,
Of how God made this world of ours and every living thing.
Of how he made a man and named him Adam,
And how he told him not to ever sin. . . . .

But Adam sinned and that was the beginning,
For since that time we all have sinned and lost we all would be.
But in his book God offers us forgiveness,
Through Christ his Son who died to set us free. . . . .




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