O How Blind Was I




O How Blind Was I
© 2011 Tom D Blakely

I used to think of Christ as just a myth
Invented by the church to suit itself.
Religions all to me, were out for gain
And Christianity was just the same. . . .

O how blind was I, dull of mind was I
That I could believe life just came from nowhere?
I chose to ignore, that God put us here  
And that He was grieved by the way that we behaved.

God’s voice then spoke to me I heard Him say
For every sin you’ve sinned you’ll surely pay.
I cried unto the Lord, How can I pay?
I felt that I was lost come Judgment Day. . . .

God brought me to the place where Jesus died
I watched His only Son be crucified.
I saw His blood being shed, on that dark day
As Jesus paid a debt I could not pay. . . .

I cried out to the Lord, Forgive my sin!
I claimed His precious blood and was forgiven.
Now Jesus is my Lord, He lives in me
I used to be so blind but now I see. . . .




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