Chasing Bubbles



Chasing Bubbles
© 2011 Tom D Blakely

Can’t get enough of it, life is just full of it
Wanting this wanting that, there’s so much!
There is no end to it, things that I want to get
But will I ever be, more happy?
I’m not really, sure anymore.
All the things that, I had before,
Were important, now they’re just a bore.

What is the point in it? There must be more to it?
Chasing life’s bubbles is, worth nothing!
What are we doing here? Who made us anyway?
If this is all there is; it’s no good.
I’ve been thinking, life is a bore.
Something’s missing, that is for sure.
Help me someone, show me that there’s more.

Then there’s that other thing, Jesus died what’s that mean?
Maybe He wants me to, start living?
That’s what it’s all about; waken up work it out!
Trust in the lord and then, start living!
Come Lord Jesus, answer my need.
Please forgive me, for sin and greed.
Start me living, not like life before.

No more chasing bubbles anymore!



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