Time Is Short




Time Is Short
© 2011 Tom D Blakely

God’s Son came down to earth from heaven
And in a manger He was born.
He left His Father and the glory
To be the lowly son of man. . . .

Time is short, a dreadful day is coming
When sin will reap its due reward.
But by faith we may receive forgiveness
By trusting in the Saviour’s blood.

Our Lord explained the holy scriptures
He taught the perfect way of God;
And how for sin we would be punished
Unless protected by His blood. . . .

The wicked soon despised His goodness
Rejecting Jesus and His word.
They crucified God’s Son at Calvary
And there the Saviour bled and died. . . .

Now through the death of Christ the Saviour
All sinners may still be forgiven.
God’s Spirit leads us to repentance
And faith in Christ removes our sin. . . .




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