Not Happy?



Not Happy?
© 2011 Tom D Blakely

Nothing ever made me happy and I tried the lot.
Every new thing I was ready to give it a shot.
Always running out of money, buying different stuff.
I got older, I got bolder, life got kinda rough. . .
Later, lying in the gutter, with no job or home.
High on drugs and low on brain cells, wond’ring what went wrong?

I am happy, very happy, let me tell you why. . .
I met Jesus in the gutter, thought He’d walk on by?
But He stopped and said God loved me; That came as a shock!
Said He gave His life to save me, my sin to blot out.
Asked me if I wanted saving, would I turn from sin?
Yes I did and was forgiven, new life to begin!




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