Speak Silent Voice




Speak Silent Voice
(Holy Spirit)
© 2011 Tom D Blakely

The voice of God is silent
Some claim He isn’t there.
And others who reject Him
Believe He doesn’t care.
The world is disappointing
Its pleasures do not last.
This can be seen more clearly
As life goes fleeting past
As life goes fleeting past.

The voice of God is silent
That doesn’t mean He’s gone.
He looks upon creation
Dismayed by what is wrong.
So many will ignore God
And on their own depend
Refusing His salvation
Until the very end
Until the very end.

And if some still refuse Him
As they would end their days
Then He who they rejected
Will judge their godless ways.
Speak silent voice in mercy
Convict the lost of sin.
Draw many to the Saviour
That they may be forgiven
That they may be forgiven.




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