© 2011 Tom D Blakely

In a town so long ago
Christ was born on earth to show
That there is a God above
Who is sovereign, who is love.
Though He hates our every sin
In good will our God has given
Jesus Christ, His only Son
That we might find peace through Him.

On a chilly winter’s night
Underneath the starry light,
Lay the babe our heavenly King
In a manger by the inn.
He who made this marvellous earth
Chose a strangely humble birth,
For no worldly gain He sought
Living always as He taught.

Thank You Lord for Bethlehem
Where our Saviour Christ was born.
Born the richest of us all
In a dirty cattle stall.
Help us Lord to be like Him
Bringing glory to Your name.
Loving all except our sins
Loving You above all things.




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One Response to Bethlehem

  1. Jo says:

    Beautifully written Tom, it was so good to reflect on the amazing love of God that would send His only son to be born in this, the humblest of conditions …. because of Love… and to allow Him to go through the agony of the cross to pave the way for us to become the very sons of God. God bless you and yours my friend, Jo

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