Led By The Spirit




Led By The Spirit
© 2012 Tom D Blakely

Led by the Spirit from this world of mine
to a strange place through the dark mists of time.
As the haze lifted a sight I beheld
the Saviour of man on a cross had been nailed.

I could not bear such a terrible sight
I closed my eyes while God’s Spirit gave light;
Who but a fool with no brain or a heart
could turn down God’s gift and from Jesus depart?

At heaven’s gateway my sin seemed so real;
Any resistance seemed destined to fail.
Something inside me said: ‘You cannot hide
the choice is before you, now you must decide.’

‘If man is sinless would Jesus have died?
Why would God let His Son be crucified?
Sin has a cost as God’s word has declared:
the death of all sinners outside of Christ’s blood.’

‘Would you refuse God who first give you breath?
Jesus now risen, will meet you by faith.
Choose now to turn back or else claim the blood;
choose death with the devil or life with the Lord.’


‘For the wages of sin is death;
but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.’

[Romans 6:23]



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