Morning Song




Morning Song
© 2012 Tom D Blakely

Oh I look this way and I look that way
and all that I can see today,
is the glory of creation Lord
in everything You made!
For the morning sun was in perfect time
to light the earth and does it shine!
All the birds sang and the heavens declared
That Jesus Christ is Lord!

As I walk today up and down the road
I’m burdened with a heavy load,
for I meet so many faces Lord
that lack the joy of God.
Lord help me to share all You’ve given me
the gospel how it sets us free,
and that You alone created all;
Your glory Lord, reveal!

Lord direct me here or direct me there
for nothing else Lord can compare,
to the sharing of salvation
to all and everyone!
When I look this way and I look that way
in heaven after Judgment day,
may I meet these faces once again
amongst the Lord’s redeemed!




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