My Great Redeemer




My Great Redeemer
© 2012 Tom D Blakely

For as long as I shall live
I will praise my great Redeemer
Till the day that dust returns again to dust.
For the God that gave me breath
Then delivered me from ruin
In Christ and Christ alone I place my trust….

Whilst on earth temptation will abound.
I must strive to keep on holy ground.
God rewards the faithful with a crown, with a crown.


When He walked to Calvary
Jesus knew what lay before Him
Not a greater act of love was ever known.
When they nailed Him to the cross
Jesus shed His blood most freely
So all that would repent might be forgiven….

As He paid our ransom cost
There was such a dreadful darkness
For a holy God could not abide our sin.
There from midday until three
All our sin was laid upon Him
The veil was rent; our access gained to heaven….

With my Saviour as my guide
I will walk the path to heaven
Though I’ll meet with many trials on the way.
Holding close the shield of faith
With the sword to clear my pathway
By prayer upheld, I will not faint nor stray….




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