Reasonable Service




Reasonable Service
© 2012 Tom D Blakely

O draw us Lord to You
In heart, and soul, and mind;
That in Your presence we might leave
All worldly thoughts behind.

Our hearts that often cling
To earth, and of its store,
Should seek its treasure in the Lord
To be rich evermore.

Our souls for which Christ died
We hold in low regard;
Lord pour Your Spirit on our souls
Ignite us by Your word.

Our minds that still know sin
Need cleansing at the cross,
Confessing sin, we plead the blood
Our Saviour shed for us.

To you O Lord we come
In love we worship you;
Our hearts, and souls, and minds we give:
A sacrifice to You.


‘…Present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy,
acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.’
[Romans 12:1]



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