Light In A Dark Place




Light In A Dark Place
© 2012 Tom D Blakely

Surely goodness and mercy were hidden from sight
as I grew up in darkness as black as the night.
I was lost and alone in a place with no light;
I was blind and did not know, how I could put things right.

But the Lord in His mercy then helped me to see
that all light comes from Jesus; not from within me.
At the cross the Lord showed me Christ died for my sin;
There I found the way to life and was forgiven.


‘I am the light of the world.
He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness,
but have the light of life.’

[John 8:12]



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3 Responses to Light In A Dark Place

  1. Jo says:

    What an awesome day it was the day the scales fell from my eyes and through His Grace and His Mercy I could see!

  2. Christine Hare/Tate says:

    Amen Tom, we are blind until the Lord opened our eyes. What an awesome transformation! Thanks for sharing your wonderful song…God Bless you!

  3. Sylvia says:

    Very nice words and very relaxing music.

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