Come What May




Come What May
© 2012 Tom D Blakely

Come what may
We will sing Your praise
Now and every day
May our faith in God increase.

Lord reveal unto us
More and more of the cross
May Your Spirit enlighten us
Strengthen us throughout our days.

Come what may
We will know Your peace
When we live for You
All our problems we release.




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2 Responses to Come What May

  1. Christine Hare/Tate says:

    Amen Tom, “Come what may”, paramount to walk in victory! Our God is the same and not moved by our circumstances. Thanks for an encouraging message! God Bless you always…

  2. Lucia Haase says:

    Dear Tom, This is a reminder of me to daily put my cares into the Lord’s hands. Thanks for your inspiration, as always. God bless, Lucia.

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