The Love Of Jesus Calls Me




The Love Of Jesus Calls Me
© 2012 June Stein
Music Tom D Blakely


The love of Jesus calls me, to follow Him today
He wants me to be near Him, each step along the way,
He longs to give me comfort, to share each joy and pain
He sees my every teardrop, and cheers each little gain….

Oh, how my Savior loves me
His mercy reigns above me.
He washes all my sin from me
And holds me in His love.

With perfect understanding, He knows me through and through
He offers me forgiveness; in Him I’m born anew,
By His own blood He claimed me, and ransomed me from sin
And now in love eternal, His Spirit dwells within….

When I but trust Him only, and follow where He leads
That path will be the best way; will answer all my needs,
My bulwark, my foundation, my shield, my strength and stay
My perfect peace and refuge, my Light, my Truth, my Way….




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