I Am Yours




I Am Yours
© 2012 June Stein
Music Tom D Blakely


Lord Jesus…
Hear me, help me, hold me, heal me,
I am Yours, behold me now.
Wash me, bless me, fill me, seal me,
At Your feet I humbly bow.
Teach me, touch me, use me, bend me,
All I am I give to You.
Guide me, mold me, show me, send me,
Lead me Lord my whole life through.

Lord help me…
Love You, thank You, praise You, seek You,
My Redeemer, Word Divine.
Sing You, pray You, serve You, speak You,
King of kings, yet Friend of mine.
Ask You, trust You, give You, heed You,
Gentle Shepherd, Savior dear.
Laugh You, Cry You, Live You, Die You,
I am Yours Lord, keep me near.




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