My King Jesus




My King Jesus
© 2012 June Stein
Music Tom D Blakely

My King Jesus ever reigns
On His throne above.
Yet my King is with me now
In His Gracious Love.
All I think and say and do
He knows very well.
Still, in my unworthiness
Jesus deigns to dwell.

Any righteousness is His
For in me was none.
All my sin, while in the world
He took as His Own.
It was with Him on the Cross
When He died for me.
By His death, my Savior King
Paid, and set me free.

I will praise and serve my King
Long as I may live.
Through the Spirit now in me
Grace I’ll freely give.
My King Jesus, Gracious King
Mighty is His Name.
King before Creation’s dawn
Ever still the same!




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