My All in All




My All in All
© 2012 June Stein
Music Tom D Blakely


My daily Dear Companion
My Shelter from the storm.
My Fortress in all peril
Forgiveness in all wrong.
My Shepherd in green pastures
My Rock, my Light and Stay.
My Hope, and Joy and Purpose
As I am on life’s way.

My Peace past understanding
The Arms that hold me fast.
From You in and for You Lord
My lot is ever cast.
You are my source of Wisdom
All Power is in Your Name.
Though earth shall pass away Lord
Still You remain the same.

Your death upon the Cross Lord
In payment for my sin.
Your glorious resurrection
Which gives new life within.
When time on earth is over
You have a place for me.
To live with You forever
In Heaven’s Victory!




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