God’s Steadfast Love




God’s Steadfast Love
© 2013 June Stein
Music Tom D Blakely


At times it might seem we’re alone
With no one left to care.
We know that Jesus loves us, yet—
We feel a deep despair.
We’re in a place where we depend
On others for our needs;
When there is nothing of our own
To God we lift our pleas.

Our God is steadfast in His Love
He hears our every prayer.
No matter where on earth we are
He knows that we are there.
God’s ways are far above our ways
As heaven above the earth.
While we are nothing of ourselves
He holds us in great worth.

So dear, that He would give His Son
To save us from our sin.
In any darkness that befalls
We can depend on Him.
Though we can’t see our own way out
He will provide the Light.
In any struggles that we have
Our God will be our might.

In saving Grace our Lord provides
A way where there was none.
Our thankful hearts are filled with praise
A ‘new day’ has begun.
A joy and peace now overflow
And praises rise above,
In ways too wonderful to name
We’re bathed in heavenly love.




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2 Responses to God’s Steadfast Love

  1. Jo says:

    Dear June, it was such a delight to start this new day by reading your beautiful and encouraging song. Love you dear friend, Jo

  2. JS says:

    Dear Jo, thank you so much for your lovely comment.
    I could echo it in my reply because I’m starting a new day here and I can’t think of a nicer way to begin. Nice to hear from you, dear friend. Love you, June

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