Be Faithful!




Be Faithful!
© 2013 June Stein
Music arr. Tom D Blakely

What would our Savior tell us
To see us through these days?
Be faithful and remember
Our strength is in His Way.
Whatever any day brings
We find our rest in Him.
There will be trials, always
But in the end we win!

Our God will not forsake us
He holds us in His arms.
The future is unknown
But we need fear no harm.
We’re on our way to Glory
As faithfully each day,
Our love and trust we offer
And willingly obey.

Christ has prepared a place, now
Where we will be with Him,
It waits for us in Heaven
Until we enter in.
All praise to Christ our Savior
Who died to set us free,
Redeeming us from all sin
He won the Victory!


‘But the Lord is faithful; He will
strengthen you and guard you from evil.’
[2 Thessalonians 3:3]



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