The King Of Glory




The King Of Glory
© 2013 June Stein
Music Tom D Blakely


Your majesty I can’t describe
my words are weak and small,
For You the King of Glory are
God’s Son and Lord of all!
Your glory veiled; I cannot see
the vastness of Your power,
But oh, Your love, that fills my soul
Is with me every hour.

I need but call Your name, Dear Lord
to know that You are near,
The King of Glory comes to me
and whispers in my ear!
That ear of faith You give to me
through blessings of Your Word,
And comfort, sure, that all my prayers
and whispers, You have heard.

An unseen spring, a living stream
flows deep within my heart,
It nourishes, and strengthens me
and daily grace imparts.
Give grace I pray, to hear Your call,
to follow in Your will,
Change me my Lord to fit Your mold,
Speak Lord, I shall be still.




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