A Personal Testimony




A Personal Testimony
© 2013 Tom D Blakely

What peace and comfort and what joy
I had when I was saved.
Such blest relief from sin and death
to which I was enslaved.

And not by any good in me
did I come to the cross.
But by God’s Spirit I was led
that I might not be lost.

When God in mercy spoke to me
my cold heart strangely warmed.
I sought to have my sins removed
and to His Son I turned.

So that I might more clearly see
the horrors of my sin,
I did cry out for days in vain
before I was forgiven.

Forever lost became my dread
and then the teardrops fell.
Was it for me that I did weep,
or Jesus, I can’t tell?

But then a shadow filled the place
where I was bowed in prayer.
It was my Saviour on the cross
that to me did appear.

I begged forgiveness of the Lord
and by His blood that flowed,
I knew that God forgave my sin
and cleared the debt I owed.

And now I have a risen Lord
who sits at God’s right hand;
Who rules my life and leads me to
the heavenly promised land.




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