Called To Share




Called To Share
© 2015 June Stein
Music Tom D Blakely


A love that knows no limit
concern for every care,
Forgiveness, mercy, patience;
we have all this to share…
A balm for every illness
sweet comfort when we grieve,
His arms forever open
and ready to receive.

A living, vital water
to quench our soul’s deep thirst,
An inner peace and stillness
when things are at their worst.
A cross…a life victorious;
a ransomed, blood-bought soul,
Companion, Friend and Savior,
Who died to make us whole.

The Son of God, most Holy
is asking us today,
To seek the lost, the lowly
and help them find His way.
To share Christ is our calling
a solemn, Holy trust,
We share from our rich bounty
as He loves us…we must!

To share Christ is our calling
a solemn, Holy trust!




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