Be Strong!




Be Strong!
© 2015 Tom D Blakely

O child of God
Can you not understand?
Your grief and pain
Are part of God’s good plan…

Christ feels, the pain, that you’re going through.
He hurt, the same, He feels as you do.
He died, for sin, and now lives for you!


O child of God
Child of the King of kings!
You have been called
To glorify His name…

Be strong, be brave, and focus on Christ.
In prayer, bring Him, your sorrow and grief.
He lives, for you, and will bring relief!


O child of God
God’s home is also yours!
Where peace shall reign
And there is no more tears…

Your Lord, would ask, that you follow Him.
Just as, He lived, that you live the same.
To live, this life, and glorify Him…

Be strong!


‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’
[Philippians 4:13]



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