I Am Willing




I Am Willing
© 2015 June Stein
Music Tom D Blakely


I am willing, make me able
To do all You’d have me do,
There is nothing more compelling
Than to live my life for You.
Though I may feel not as worthy
As so many others, Lord,
Mold and make me to Your purpose
You alone are my reward.

Open pathways up before me
I know You will light my way,
May I touch some other travelers
With Your Love from day to day.
In Your strength I’ll not grow weary
Even though the road is long,
Every step You are beside me
I am right where I belong.

When at last my walk is over
I’ll be standing in the Light,
Of a glorious new morning
Where there will be no more night.
Just a perfect, endless living
With my Lord, ‘The Morning Star’,
In the wondrous realm of Heaven
Home at last, forevermore!




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