Death’s A Lonely River




Death’s A Lonely River
© 2015 Tom D Blakely

Death’s a lonely river
Coming to us all,
May we all be ready
For that final call.
Through our tearful vision
Loved ones come to mind…
How will this effect them
Those we leave behind?

All our dreams and goals
Things we planned to do,
All of these mean nothing
When our time is due.
Death comes, that is certain
Slow or suddenly…
Help us Lord to meet it
Ready we must be.

Death’s a lonely river
Everyone must cross,
Pray God makes us ready
This last test to face.
Precious Lord and Saviour
Take us by the hand…
Help us cross the river
To the Promised Land!


Jesus said:
‘I will never leave you nor forsake you.’
[Hebrews 13.5]



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