What’s Life All About?



What’s Life All About?
© 2016 Tom D Blakely

Tell me what is life all about
I confess that I am in doubt
For now the party’s over
I just feel at a loss?
All the hype and the money spent
All is gone and I’m not content
And when my life is over
Will I feel this same loss?

Life is all about loving God
But mankind loves himself instead
And when this life is over
He will reap what he’s sown.
That is not where we want to be
Cursed for time and eternity
Before this life is over
Trust in Jesus God’s Son!

Now I know what life’s all about
God has shown me without a doubt
When I realised that Jesus
Died for me on the cross!
I was saved, I was born again
In a way that I can’t explain
But know I’ll live forever
For with God I have peace!



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