Savior, Shepherd, Friend!



Savior, Shepherd, Friend!
© 2016 June Stein
Music Tom D Blakely


My Savior Jesus is my Friend
And He is with me every day,
He brings me joy beyond compare
Because He is, my Light and Way. . .
When I am at my lowest ebb
And truly don’t know what to do,
My Shepherd Jesus lifts me up
Then my heart hears, “Child I love you.”

He carries me through darkest times
To pastures green for needed rest,
And stays beside me for a while
Until still waters ease my stress. . .
Each day upon this earth is good
Because with Jesus fear is gone,
There’s nothing here that can upset
For Jesus is my constant song!

When it’s my time to leave this earth
I’ll see my Savior, Shepherd, Friend,
There is a place prepared for me
My life with Him will never end. . .
I’ll give Him thanks forevermore
And listen to the angels’ song,
I’ll see my family once again
And praise my Savior all day long!


“…I have called you friends, for everything that
I learned from My Father I have made known to you.” 
[John 15:15]


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