Time With You



Time With You
© 2017 June Stein
Music Tom D Blakely


Forgive me Lord for busyness
That seems to take my days,
Brought on by pressing circumstance
And not by thoughtful ways.
I always know You’re here with me
And You will see me through,
But still I feel the loss when I
Spend lesser time with You.

That loss is fully mine, Dear Lord
And still I have regret,
I miss unfettered time with You
Where my soul’s needs are met.
This day, I vow to start again
To claim time for my soul,
For only time alone with You
Can make me truly whole.

Whatever time spent otherwise
Can never take that place,
Although the needs seem worthy ones
The loss is not erased.
And so I’ll cherish all the time
I spend with You alone,
And thank You Lord for every day
Until You take me home.


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