A Friend In Need



A Friend In Need
© 2017 Tom D Blakely

I lived my life completely
Completely selfishly
I cared for one like no one else
That one of course was me!
I never would admit it
For that gets you nowhere
You never get the things you want
Unless folk think you care!

A friend in need was someone
That I could do without
For when I found myself in need
There were no friends about!


With scheming and conniving
And putting myself first
I got the things I had to have
Until that bubble burst!
I had all I could think of
Which never was enough
Too late I realised this truth
Then life got really tough!

A friend in need is someone
I know I should help out
But when I find myself in need
There are no friends about!


I have to end my story
The details make it long
Besides we all are different
For me life just went wrong!
I really needed helping
And hadn’t got a friend
Until God showed me Jesus Christ
On Him I could depend!

A friend in need is someone
Someone like me and you
But there’s no friend like Jesus Christ
So selfless, loving, true…

I hope that you find Jesus
And saved walk in His way
A friend you can depend upon
Today and every day!


Jesus said:
“You are My friends if you do whatever I command you.”
[John 15:14]


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