I Am A Worm



I Am A Worm
© 2017 Tom D Blakely

O Lord forgive us!

A lowly creature is a worm
That man might easily step upon.
And this was done to Christ God’s Son
Who prophesied Himself a worm!
Lord as You hung, upon the cross
This speaks of weakness, helplessness
To do God’s will was why You came
Enduring scorn and shame!

O Lord forgive us!

And when our sins were laid on You
God could not keep You in His view.
In torment You were on Your own
The only time God left His Son!
In pain of flesh and mind and soul
And for our sins, You bore it all!
No greater love was ever known
Nor strength of purpose shown!

O Lord forgive us!

Ascended now our glorious King
This powerful truth in praise we sing.
You came to earth to show us God
His justice which on You was laid!
Without Your death we’d have no song
The time You called Yourself a worm!
The day You suffered, bled and died
When You were crucified!

O Lord forgive us!


“But I am a worm, and no man;
A reproach of men, and despised by the people.”
[Psalm 22.6]


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