Music In Life



Music In Life
© 2017 June Stein
Music Tom D Blakely


The music in our lives
A special gift of God
That touches deep inside
Can lift a heart that sobs.
At times there are no words
To reach a soul in pain
But music softly soothes
And eases earthly strain.

A lullaby when sung
To babies in distress
While held in arms of love
Can bring a peacefulness.
God’s words in songs can teach
And stay with us through life,
A blessing from our God
His truth and guiding light.

The hymns we learn in youth
Sustain us in our faith
Remind us of God’s love
In any time or place.
The Psalms of David’s time
Will still ring true today
And help us back to Christ
If we are pulled away.


From the ends of the earth we hear singing:
“Glory to the Righteous One.”
[Isaiah 24:16]


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