God Will Not Save The World



God Will Not Save The World
© 2017 Tom D Blakely

According to God’s Word
The world cannot be good
For it lies in the devil’s power
And both by God are doomed.
For sin must be destroyed
Before mankind is free
And is restored unto his God
For all eternity.

This is why Jesus came
To take away our sin
And break the devil’s hold on us
That leads us all to ruin.
We look around our world
And quickly we will see
The devil’s work is flourishing
As God said it would be.

God will not save the world
Just those who know His Son
A sinless place He has reserved
For those who trust in Him.
It is God’s dwelling place
Throughout eternity
All who receive Christ as their Lord
From judgment shall be free.


“We know that we are children of God,
and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one.”
[1 John 5:19]


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