Marie C Neubauer



By Marie Catherine Neubauer, 2012.

I was born in Newark, New Jersey, and was the oldest of six children in a Catholic family.  I attended parochial schools for twelve years.  I married an Air Force officer and pilot and lived in many areas of the country, as well as England. I have five children, eleven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. 

When I was 41 years of age, my 17 year old daughter began to get involved in the charismatic movement, and urged me to attend an evangelistic tent meeting, telling me that many young people were being set free and delivered from drugs through the power of Jesus Christ.  I attended mostly out of curiosity concerning what she was getting involved in, but, praise God, Jesus got hold of me, and I was gloriously born again, and my life was wonderfully changed forever.  A short time later, I received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.  That was thirty-seven years ago, and  I continue to share the love and power of Jesus Christ with poetry and at weekly prayer meetings and Bible studies.



Good Morning Lord
© 2013 Marie C Neubauer
Music Tom D Blakely


Good morning Lord
It’s a new day
With humble heart
Jesus I pray…
And ask you please
To always stay
Close by my side
Throughout this day!

Good morning Lord
I come to you
With grateful heart
For all you do…
And ask you please
My strength renew
And by your hand
To guide me through!

Good morning Lord
To you I cling
Looking to you
For everything…
And ask you please
To help me bring
Glory and praise
To Christ the King!








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