Talking About – Creation


What is Creation all about?

God’s word the Bible explains it very clearly. God created the world. That means He made it from nothing, because there was nothing there before.

OK… but the scientists, experts and my teacher at school tell us that years ago there was a big explosion that caused the world to happen. Is that true?

Well there can’t be an explosion without light, and when God created the world He commanded… Let there be light, and that was the beginning of creation.

The teacher never says anything about God. He thinks the big explosion created the universe by itself.

The problem is that most people don’t believe in a creator God. So instead of believing in some one, they have to believe in something.

Our teacher thinks it’s ridiculous to believe in a God who we can’t see.

Does he believe in air? Because we can’t see it either… Or gravity, or the various gases the universe is made up of?

Yes he likes to talk about all that invisible science stuff. It’s just God he doesn’t believe in. He says all educated people agree that the world came into existence from nothing, in a big explosion. They call it the Big Bang Theory.

Have you ever heard of an explosion being constructive?

Never. Explosions blow things apart like buildings and sometimes people.

Exactly. Explosions destroy things, they do not create things. In fact the whole Big Bang theory doesn’t make sense because there has to be energy to cause an explosion in the first place.

The teacher never talks about anything before the Big Bang. But afterwards he says it took millions of years and a lot of random accidents to get us to where we are today.

If he doesn’t believe in God, then people must be a random accident too?

OK, I agree it sounds hard to believe. But you’re not supposed to ask me questions, just give me the right answers.

I would be glad to, using the answers God has revealed in His word the Bible. We should trust God rather than mankind’s latest theory… After all God was the creator and the only person to have actually been there at the time.

Good, because this evolution thing is hard to believe… According to the teacher and all the experts, the big bang could not make us perfect and civilized like we are today. That took millions more years, a series of random accidents, and a lot of evolution.

It sounds complicated. I would rather trust God and believe the Bible.

It is complicated… After the Big Bang, that somehow brought the world into order, by itself… which seems ridiculous the more I think about it? Anyway due to a series of random accidents the universe formed… And only this planet ended up in a perfect position from the sun, and was made up of exactly the right materials to support life.

So the earth just happened to be the perfect planet to support life. That is amazing considering it was a completely random accident!

Right… but life didn’t begin with complex creatures, like humans. We were descended from single cell micro organisms… then over millions of years developed into a multi-cell slightly more life forms… and so on… until we became intelligent human beings who could think and talk.

God says in the beginning we were created in His likeness. Also that the first man and women were able to talk, which makes much more sense. It would be a lot easier to believe the Bible.

Yes it would, but the Bible says God made the world in a six days. That doesn’t make sense to the scientists who are talking about millions of years?

I don’t see a problem with that as God’s days are like everything else about God, way beyond the limited understanding of mankind. Yet, God’s word is recorded in a simple form so that even a child can believe it. As Christians we do not have to explain God’s word, simply believe it.

Are you saying that all these experts are wrong about the Big Bang Theory?

First of all a theory is only an idea that can’t be proved. There was a time when the experts believed the world was flat. They were wrong. Later they thought that travelling in a steam train too quickly would kill the passengers. They were wrong. Later they believed that travelling faster than the speed of sound was impossible. They were wrong again. But being wrong will not stop them coming up with new theories. Later they will discover that the biggest mistake they ever made was to not believe in God and creation!

So it’s always better to believe in God’s word, no matter what others believe?

Always. Scientific opinion is constantly changing, but God’s word never changes.

If we could only make the experts believe in God, that would give them so much more knowledge?

Yes it would. But remember we may share the gospel with someone, but they will only believe it when God Himself gives them understanding.