Talking About – Sin


What is sin all about?

People are born sinners and find it impossible not to sin.

What. . . even babies?

Yes, they are naturally selfish and greedy, and very quickly learn to get what they want.

OK. I get the picture. But why were we born sinners?

Just as we inherited things like, our looks or habits from our parents, we inherited sin.

So sin is completely natural?

Yes, completely natural.

I thought sin was a bad thing?

Sin is a bad thing. It has ruined God’s wonderful creation.

OK. If God created us, and is so wonderful, why were we born sinners?

We inherited sin from the first two people God created, Adam and Eve. In the beginning they loved God and trusted Him to give them all they needed. God placed them in the beautiful Garden of Eden and talked with them. It was perfect. God’s people, in God’s place, living as God wanted them to. But the devil caused them to disobey God, and that was the first sin.

What did God do about it?

He put them out of Eden, into the wild world we now live in. God cannot be with people who sin, not then, not now, not ever.

It must have been a serious sin?

With God any sin is a serious sin. It stops us from being close to Him.

So if we are natural born sinners, how can we please God?

By doing what Adam and Eve decided not to do. By obeying God!

OK. So how can we obey God?

After Eden, God didn’t give up on us, but made a plan to rescue us from sin. It was difficult because of our sin and us not understanding God.

Why was it difficult?

Because God cannot tolerate sin and the punishment for sin is death. So God’s plan had to deal with that punishment and bring us life.

If the punishment for sin is death why are so many bad people still alive?

They won’t be for long. Neither will any of us as this life is only temporary. Our life time is like a drop in the ocean compared with eternity. And remember, God cannot be with people who sin, not now, not ever.

OK. Does that mean God will punish me for my sin?

He should do, but God’s Son Jesus stepped in to take our punishment. Jesus was born as a person to teach us about God, then to die in our place. He died on a cross for our sin, then arose from the dead to give us life by bringing us to God.

How does Jesus bring us to God?

Jesus Christ is the only way to God. Jesus is the final part of God’s plan. If we feel we want to get right with God, we get there through Jesus. Simply believe that Jesus died for you, turn from sin and God will save you.

But there must be more to it than that?

No. The work is done and Jesus is waiting to hear from you – make it your first prayer.