Songs I-R


I Am A Believer  By Walli A Zamorano
I Am A Child Of God  By Walli A Zamorano
I Am A Worm  By Tom D Blakely
I Am Alive  By Walli A Zamorano
I Am Amazed!  By Tom D Blakely
I Am Blessed  By Walli A Zamorano
I Am Born Again  By Walli A Zamorano
I Am Free!  By Walli A Zamorano
I Am In God’s Kingdom  By Walli A Zamorano
I Am Not Ashamed  By Walli A Zamorano
I Am Ready  By Walli A Zamorano
I Am Redeemed  By Walli A Zamorano
I Am Resolved  By Tom D Blakely
I Am Saved  By Walli A Zamorano
I Am The Lord  By June Stein
I Am The Vine!  By Lucia K Haase
I Am The Way  By Tom D Blakely
I Am Unworthy  By Tom D Blakely
I Am Willing  By June Stein
I Am Yours  By June Stein
I’m Dying  By Tom D Blakely
I’m Forgiven  By Walli A Zamorano
I’m Not Alone  By Marie C Neubauer
I Believe, Help My Unbelief  By Marie C Neubauer
I Bowed My Head  By Marie C Neubauer
I Can Do All Things…  By Tom D Blakely
I Choose To Stand!  By Marie C Neubauer
I Come To Pray  By Marie C Neubauer
I Declare & I Decree  By Walli A Zamorano
I Failed You  By Tom D Blakely
I Fell In Love With Jesus  By Marie C Neubauer
I Go To Church  By Tom D Blakely
I Just Can’t Explain It!  By Marie C Neubauer
I Know Who Holds My Day  By Tom D Blakely
I Lift My Eyes Up To The Hills  By Lucia K Haase
I Love You Lord  By Walli A Zamorano
I Love You, Lord  By June Stein
I Met A Christian  By Tom D Blakely
I Must Know I’m Weak  By Tom D Blakely
I Need You!  By Tom D Blakely
I Need You Lord  By June Stein
I Need You Lord Jesus  By Tom D Blakely
I Never Knew You  By Tom D Blakely
I Once Was Blind  By Marie C Neubauer
I Praise You Lord  By June Stein
I See The Cross  By June Stein
I Stand Amazed!  By Tom D Blakely
I Surrender  By Walli A Zamorano
I Thank My God  By Tom D Blakely
I Thank You Lord For Calvary  By Walli A Zamorano
I Wait Before The Lord  By June Stein
I Was the Fool  By Tom D Blakely
I Will!  By Tom D Blakely
I Will Follow  By June Stein
I Will Lift Up My Eyes  By Tom D Blakely
I Will Look To The Lord  By Tom D Blakely
I Will Pour Out My Spirit  By Marie C Neubauer
I Will Praise Him!  By Tom D Blakely
I Will Praise My Lord!  By June Stein
I Will Praise You  By Marie C Neubauer
I Will Sing!  By Walli A Zamorano
I Wish I Were  By Tom D Blakely
If I Be Lifted Up  By Tom D Blakely
If My People  By Tom D Blakely
If Not For You  By Tom D Blakely
If You Abide In Me  By Marie C Neubauer
In A Moment’s Time  By Cinda M Carter
In Christ Alone  By Tom D Blakely
In Everything Give Him Thanks  By Marie C Neubauer
In His Strength In His Arms  By Cinda M Carter
In Jesus’ Name!  By Tom D Blakely
In Spirit & In Truth  By Tom D Blakely
In The Midnight Hours  By June Stein
In The Midst Of It All  By Marie C Neubauer
In You Alone  By June Stein
In Your Refuge  By Lucia K Haase
Inauguration Day  By Marie C Neubauer
Incredible Mercy  By Marie C Neubauer
Intervention  By Tom D Blakely
Is Jesus In My Heart?  By Tom D Blakely
It Is Finished!  By Tom D Blakely
It’s A New Day!  By Marie C Neubauer
It’s A Wonder  By Tom D Blakely


Jesus Alone  By Marie C Neubauer
Jesus Cares About You  By Tom D Blakely
Jesus Cares For Me  By Marie C Neubauer
Jesus Christ Is Coming Again  By Rita Broden
Jesus Died For Me  By Tom D Blakely
Jesus Gives Us Power!  By Marie C Neubauer
Jesus, He Is The Way!  By Marie C Neubauer
Jesus, Hear The Weeping  By Marie C Neubauer
Jesus I Love You  By Tom D Blakely
Jesus Is Near  By Kumalawaty Sundari
Jesus Is Our Compass  By Tom D Blakely
Jesus Is Our Provider  By Cinda M Carter
Jesus Is Our Teacher  By Tom D Blakely
Jesus Is Returning  By Marie C Neubauer
Jesus Is The River  By Rita Broden
Jesus Is The Way  By Walli A Zamorano
Jesus Is Waiting  By Marie C Neubauer
Jesus, Jesus  By Tom D Blakely
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus  By Walli A Zamorano
Jesus Keep Me Near You!  By Rita Broden
Jesus King Of Glory  By Rita Broden
Jesus Lives!  By June Stein
Jesus Loves Us All  By Walli A Zamorano
Jesus Loves Who?  By Tom D Blakely
Jesus Mends Broken Hearts  By Marie C Neubauer
Jesus My Lord  By Tom D Blakely
Jesus Never Said Life’s Easy  By Marie C Neubauer
Jesus Said Come!  By Marie C Neubauer
Jesus Said Go!  By Tom D Blakely
Jesus Saves!  By Walli A Zamorano
Jesus Take Command!  By Marie C Neubauer
Jesus The One And Only  By Sylvia E Blakely
Jesus, Touch My Heart  By June Stein
Jesus Touched My Life  By Marie C Neubauer
Jesus You Are Faithful!  By Cinda M Carter
Jesus’ Blood  By Tom D Blakely
Jesus’ Love In Me  By Marie C Neubauer
Jesus’ Love Never Fails  By Marie C Neubauer
Jesus’ Name Is Wonderful  By Marie C Neubauer
John 3.16  By Tom D Blakely
Join In And Sing!  By Marie C Neubauer
Joy  By Lucia K Haase
Joy Lifts You Up!  By Lucia K Haase
Joyful Praise!  By June Stein
Just One Day At A Time  By Marie C Neubauer
Just Passing Through  By Tom D Blakely
Justice & Freedom  By Tom D Blakely


Keep Looking Up  By Marie C Neubauer
Keep Me Close Lord  By June Stein
Keep On Believing  By Marie C Neubauer
Keep On Knocking!  By Lucia K Haase
Keep Your Eyes On Jesus  By Marie C Neubauer
Keeping God’s Peace  By June Stein
King Of Kings!  By Walli A Zamorano
Knocking At Your Door  By Sylvia E Blakely
Knowing About God  By Tom D Blakely
Knowing Jesus  By Sylvia E Blakely
Knowing Me He Loved Me  By Tom D Blakely


Lamb’s Book Of Life  By Marie C Neubauer
Last Chance Saloon  By Tom D Blakely
Lately  By Tom D Blakely
Lay It All Down  By Marie C Neubauer
Lead Me Ever Onward Jesus  By June Stein
Lead Us  By Tom D Blakely
Learn Of Me  By Marie C Neubauer
Led By The Spirit  By Tom D Blakely
Left Behind  By Marie C Neubauer
Let Darkness Have No Place  By Marie C Neubauer
Let Him Hold You  By Walli A Zamorano
Let His Son Shine In!  By Marie C Neubauer
Let The Truth Reign  By Marie C Neubauer
Let There Be Light  By Tom D Blakely
Life For Life  By June Stein
Life Goes On  By Tom D Blakely
Life’s True Love Song!  By Marie C Neubauer
Lift Me Higher!  By Marie C Neubauer
Lift Up His Name!  By Marie C Neubauer
Lift Up The Cross  By Walli A Zamorano
Lift Up The Name!  By Walli A Zamorano
Lift Up The Name Of Jesus!  By Tom D Blakely
Light In A Dark Place  By Tom D Blakely
Light In The Darkness  By June Stein
Little Faith  By Tom D Blakely
Live, Love, Forgive!  By Marie C Neubauer
Living By Faith In Jesus  By Marie C Neubauer
Living For Jesus  By Tom D Blakely
Living In Today’s World  By June Stein
Living Only For The Lord  By Tom D Blakely
Living Water  By Marie C Neubauer
Locked Out  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Lonely No More!  By Marie C Neubauer
Look Up My Friend!  By Marie C Neubauer
Look Up, There’s Hope!  By Marie C Neubauer
Look Up To Jesus  By Marie C Neubauer
Lord Forgive Us  By Tom D Blakely
Lord Give Your People Vision  By Tom D Blakely
Lord, Hear My Prayer!  By Tom D Blakely
Lord Hear Our Prayer  By Tom D Blakely
Lord, Hear Our Prayer  By June Stein
Lord, I Will Praise Your Name!  By Tom D Blakely
Lord Jesus You Are Worthy  By June Stein
Lord Keep Me Close  By Tom D Blakely
Lord Lead Me  By June Stein
Lord Of All!  By June Stein
Lord Of Glory  By Tom D Blakely
Lord Of My Life  By June Stein
Lord Our God  By Tom D Blakely
Lord, We Have Strayed!  By Marie C Neubauer
Lose Jesus?  By Tom D Blakely
Lost  By Tom D Blakely
Lost & Found  By Sylvia E Blakely
Lost Souls  By Sylvia E Blakely
Love Beyond All Telling  By June Stein
Love Beyond Compare  By Marie C Neubauer
Love God First  By Tom D Blakely
Love Not The World  By Marie C Neubauer
Love One Another  By Walli A Zamorano
Love’s Greatest Story  By Walli A Zamorano
Love Your Enemies  By Tom D Blakely
Loving God More  By Tom D Blakely


Make A Joyful Noise!  By Marie C Neubauer
Make Haste!  By Walli A Zamorano
Man Of Sorrows  By Philip P Bliss
Mansions Above  By Tom D Blakely
Many Thanks!  By Tom D Blakely
March On! Christian Soldiers  By Marie C Neubauer
Marching To Victory!  By Tom D Blakely
Matters Of The Heart  By Marie C Neubauer
May He Lead Us  By June Stein
May We Grow Up In Christ  By Tom D Blakely
Meaning Of Christmas  By Sylvia E Blakely
Meditation On Christ  By Tom D Blakely
Meet Again  By Tom D Blakely
Mercy Called  By Tom D Blakely
Messiah  By Christine Hare Tate
Mighty To Save  By Tom D Blakely
Miracle Of Salvation  By Marie C Neubauer
Misty Glen  By Tom D Blakely
Moaning To Others  By Tom D Blakely
More Than Conquerors!  By Tom D Blakely
More Than Words Can Say  By Lucia K Haase
Morning Song  By Tom D Blakely
Most Wonderful Jesus  By Walli A Zamorano
Music In Life  By June Stein
My All In All  By June Stein
My Desire  By Marie C Neubauer
My Faith Grows Daily  By Tom D Blakely
My Great High Priest!  By Tom D Blakely
My Great Redeemer  By Tom D Blakely
My Guilty Conscience  By Tom D Blakely
My Heart Is Yours  By Marie C Neubauer
My Heart’s An Open Book  By Tom D Blakely
My King Jesus  By June Stein
My Life, My Friend, My Song!  By Cinda M Carter
My Living God!  By Tom D Blakely
My Love For You  By Tom D Blakely
My Mind Is Fixed On You  By June Stein
My Prayer He Will Hear  By Tom D Blakely
My Saviour With Me  By Sylvia E Blakely
My Song Of Love  By Walli A Zamorano
My Song Of Thanks  By Marie C Neubauer
My Song Of Thanksgiving  By Walli A Zamorano
My Ways Are Not Your Ways  By Marie C Neubauer


Never Before  By Tom D Blakely
Never Lost  By Tom D Blakely
New Light, New Sight!  By June Stein
Newness Of Life!  By Marie C Neubauer
No Discipline Seems Pleasant  By Tom D Blakely
No Greater Gift!  By Marie C Neubauer
No Higher Praise, No Greater Truth!  By Marie C Neubauer
No Longer Me  By Tom D Blakely
No One Like Jesus  By Tom D Blakely
No Other Gods Before Me  By Tom D Blakely
No Other Name  By Walli A Zamorano
No Other Name Given  By June Stein
No Other Name Under Heaven  By Marie C Neubauer
No Other One For Me  By Tom D Blakely
No Room For Doubt  By June Stein
No Sin In Heaven  By Tom D Blakely
No Time Like Now  By Marie C Neubauer
No Tomorrow  By Sylvia E Blakely
No Turning Back  By Marie C Neubauer
Not Easy  By Tom D Blakely
Not Happy?  By Tom D Blakely
Nothing Less Will Do  By Tom D Blakely
Now I Have Everything  By Marie C Neubauer
Now I See!  By Tom D Blakely
Now Is The Hour  By Marie C Neubauer
Nur Ein Weg  By Walli A Zamorano


O Come And See!  By Marie C Neubauer
O Come To Christ  By Marie C Neubauer
O Holy Spirit Come!  By Tom D Blakely
O How Blind Was I  By Tom D Blakely
O How I Love You Lord  By Cinda M Carter
O Jesus You Are Worthy  By June Stein
O LORD, Our Lord!  By Tom D Blakely
O My God!  By Tom D Blakely
O The Love Of Jesus  By Marie C Neubauer
O What Mystery Divine  By Walli A Zamorano
Oh Blessed Joy! Oh Precious Light!  By Lucia K Haase
On A Hillside  By Tom D Blakely
On The Lord’s Side  By Tom D Blakely
On This Day  By June Stein
One Creator  By Tom D Blakely
One Master  By Tom D Blakely
One More Hallelujah  By Walli A Zamorano
One More Time  By Walli A Zamorano
One Redeemer  By Tom D Blakely
One True Faith  By Marie C Neubauer
Onward, Upward  By Cinda M Carter
Open My Eyes Lord  By Tom D Blakely
Our Days Belong To You  By Tom D Blakely
Our God  By Tom D Blakely
Our God Is Holy  By Tom D Blakely
Our Inner Man  By Marie C Neubauer
Our Jesus We’ll Behold!  By Marie C Neubauer
Our Lord, Emmanuel  By June Stein
Our Rock Of Hope  By Marie C Neubauer
Our Saviour King  By Sylvia E Blakely
Our Words Will Stand!  By Tom D Blakely
Out Of The Darkness  By Tom D Blakely
Overcoming Faith  By Walli A Zamorano


Pain Is A Given Thing  By Tom D Blakely
Pain Is Like God’s Pager  By Tom D Blakely
Paint Me A Picture  By Tom D Blakely
Path To Victory!  By Marie C Neubauer
Peace  By June Stein
Peace Be Still  By Tom D Blakely
Peace I Leave With You  By Marie C Neubauer
Peace In The Storm  By Tom D Blakely
Peace The World Longs For  By Marie C Neubauer
Peace Today  By Tom D Blakely
Peace We Never Knew  By Marie C Neubauer
Perfect Love & Perfect Trust  By June Stein
Perfect Peace  By Walli A Zamorano
Perfect Rest  By Marie C Neubauer
Perfect Son Of Man  By Tom D Blakely
Perilous Times  By Marie C Neubauer
Persevering Prayer  By Tom D Blakely
Place Of Peace  By June Stein
Politically Correct!  By Marie C Neubauer
Power In The Blood  By Marie C Neubauer
Power Of Praise  By June Stein
Powerful Worship  By Tom D Blakely
Praise Christ The Lamb!  By Tom D Blakely
Praise Evermore!  By Tom D Blakely
Praise Him  By Walli A Zamorano
Praise Him!  By Tom D Blakely
Praise Him Lord Of All!  By Sylvia E Blakely
Praise His Name!  By Tom D Blakely
Praise The Lord Everyone  By Tom D Blakely
Praise The Lord For He Is Worthy  By Tom D Blakely
Praise The Lord O My Soul  By Tom D Blakely
Praise Your Holy Name!  By Cinda M Carter
Pray God’s Way  By Tom D Blakely
Prayer For America  By Marie C Neubauer
Prayer For Guidance  By Marie C Neubauer
Prayer For Revival  By Tom D Blakely
Problems  By Tom D Blakely
Professing To Be Wise  By Marie C Neubauer
Promised Blessing  By Marie C Neubauer
Prophet, Priest & King  By Tom D Blakely
Protected By The Blood  By Tom D Blakely
Psalm 23  By Tom D Blakely
Purchased By Blood  By Tom D Blakely
Purpose In Everything  By June Stein
Put Your Armor On  By Cinda M Carter


Questions & Answers  By Tom D Blakely


Rainbow Song  By Tom D Blakely
Raising The Standard  By Tom D Blakely
Reach Out!  By Tom D Blakely
Reach Out  By Lucia K Haase
Ready  By Tom D Blakely
Real Christian Love  By Tom D Blakely
Reasonable Service  By Tom D Blakely
Reformation Day  By Tom D Blakely
Rejoice!  By Walli A Zamorano
Rejoice Always!  By Marie C Neubauer
Rejoice Evermore  By Tom D Blakely
Rejoice Evermore!  By Cinda M Carter
Rejoice! Rejoice!  By Cinda M Carter
Remain In Christ  By Tom D Blakely
Remember The Cross  By Sylvia E Blakely
Remembrance  By Tom D Blakely
Remind Us How To Pray  By Tom D Blakely
Remind Us Lord  By Tom D Blakely
Repent, Repent!  By Tom D Blakely
Rest In Peace  By Tom D Blakely
Return Of Christ!  By Tom D Blakely
Return Of The King  By June Stein
Return To God  By Tom D Blakely
Revival Prayer  By Tom D Blakely
Revive Us  By Tom D Blakely
Righteousness In Christ  By June Stein
Righteousness Through Faith  By June Stein
Rise In Song, Oh My Soul!  By Lucia K Haase
Rising Of The Son!  By Tom D Blakely
River Of Love  By June Stein
Room For Jesus?  By Tom D Blakely
Rosy Picture  By Tom D Blakely
Rubber Stamp Prayer  By Tom D Blakely
Rubbish!  By Tom D Blakely
Running, Hiding!  By Tom D Blakely

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