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God’s Guidance

    MUSIC God’s Guidance © 2013 Tom D Blakely ~ I had searched many times for God’s guidance But the Bible was not always clear. If it only read more like a textbook I could learn it and always … Continue reading

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Doesn’t Matter

    MUSIC Doesn’t Matter © 2012 Tom D Blakely ~ In the land of Doesn’t Matter Many sing this foolish song: ‘I’m OK, there’s no one like me Always right and never wrong. Why would I need Bible teaching? … Continue reading

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    MUSIC B-I-B-L-E © 2011 Tom D Blakely ~ There is a book, I’d like you all to read it. It is the precious written word that God to us has given. In it you’ll see, for God himself … Continue reading

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Be Still

    MUSIC Be Still © 2011 Tom D Blakely ~ Be still and know that God is working in your life. In all your circumstances He is actively involved. And then believe that all things work out for the … Continue reading

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Consider This

    MUSIC Consider This © 2011 Tom D Blakely ~ Consider this God’s children Your homes are lined enough. For what good is your treasure If not in heaven above? The Lord to you has spoken For all have … Continue reading

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