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Jesus’ Name Is Wonderful

    MUSIC Jesus’ Name Is Wonderful © 2017 Marie C Neubauer Music Tom D Blakely ~ Heaven and earth you put in place And crowned it with beauty and grace The Prince of Peace, the Morning Star Almighty God, … Continue reading

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A Pilgrim Passing Through

    MUSIC A Pilgrim Passing Through © 2017 Rita Broden Music Tom D Blakely ~ What does this life hold for a pilgrim passing through? Where can we find guidance that’s faithful and true? The only safe place is … Continue reading

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Who To Trust?

    MUSIC Who To Trust? © 2015 Tom D Blakely ~ I used to have strong principals Of all I thought was right and wrong But soon realised it’s hard to know For truth depends on how it’s spun… … Continue reading

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Two Ways

    MUSIC Two Ways © 2011 Tom D Blakely ~ There’s a way that leads to man’s destruction And the road is wide with many turns Where a man may live for selfish pleasure But it ends where the … Continue reading

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